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AlpsDiscovery Pro


AlpsDiscovery Pro - Multi-Channel Distribution & e-Commerce hub

Welcome to AlpsDiscovery Pro - your Swiss partner in multi-channel distribution and e-commerce hub.

We're here to elevate your company and brand by strategically positioning your products across various channels including B2C, B2B, B2B2C, marketplaces, marketing platforms, and social media.

Join us to boost your e-commerce presence and growth!





Discover Cocooning Biocosmetics, your gateway to natural beauty. 🌿

Each product is expertly crafted with 100% natural ingredients, promising pure, organic skincare. Our innovative Biocomplex HPL® formula blends precious vegetable oils, plant extracts, and rich botanicals for unparalleled efficacy.

Embrace our eco-friendly ethos with Swiss-made, palm oil-free products, designed to nurture your skin and the planet. 🌍✨

Dive into our collection and experience the luxury of nature's best. 🍃🛍️

Cocooning BioCosmetics

The customer orders in your online shop.

You order directly or automatically through an interface from Alps Discovery at the wholesale price.

AlpsDiscovery ensures that your order is verified, equipped, packaged, and delivered directly to the customer on your behalf.

Your customer will receive the ordered products within 1-3 working days.

e-Commerce HUB


Discover Natizia's handcrafted botanical cosmetics, a symphony of nature's finest offerings meticulously blended in Chavornay, Switzerland.

Our range is a testament to our commitment to authentic beauty, always close to nature, echoing who we truly are. Our eco-conscious approach shines through in our natural products, rich in botanical actives, with packaging designed for zero waste.

Embrace beauty with our 96-100% naturally derived formulas, free from controversial ingredients, and join us in our dedication to wildlife preservation through our support of ERMINEA.

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