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Payment Methods

AlpsDiscovery Payment Methods

Payment Terms and Conditions

Initial Payment for New Customers:

Welcome to our new customers! To ensure a smooth partnership, we require an upfront payment for the first order. This initial order should be at least CHF 300, which needs to be paid in advance. This approach helps us to establish a trust-based relationship from the start.

Payment Process for Our Esteemed Existing Customers:

Our valued existing customers have the flexibility to pay via invoice. You have a grace period of 30 days from the invoice date to make your payment. We will send you the invoice in a convenient PDF format via email, or, upon your request, through traditional postal mail. Kindly remember, the maximum amount for this payment method is capped, and for larger orders, we might ask for a 30% deposit at the time of the order.


Gentle Payment Reminders:

Should there be a delay in payment, we'll remind you gently via email. If the payment remains pending:

  • The 1st reminder is just a nudge, with no additional cost.

  • The 2nd reminder comes with a fee of CHF 15.

  • The 3rd reminder also incurs a CHF 15 fee, along with a 5% interest charge from the due date.

After the 3rd reminder, if the invoice remains unsettled, we'll regrettably have to involve a debt collection agency, which could lead to extra fees and might affect your dealer account and future deliveries. This step is taken 5 to 10 days following the 3rd reminder.


Ownership Clause:

All products remain under the ownership of AlpsDisocvery Sarl until we receive the full payment, safeguarding both parties' interests.


Environmental Contribution:

We include a prepaid recycling fee (VRG) in all our prices, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability.


We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with our General Terms and Conditions to ensure a harmonious business relationship. We're here to support you every step of the way and look forward to a prosperous collaboration.

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