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e-Commerce Hub Fulfillment for

Manufacturers, Brand Owners, E-Commerce Shops, Business, ...


Goods Receipt, Storage, Labeling, ...


Data Import, Data Processing, Refinement, ...


Listing with wholesalers, retailers, marketplaces, dropshipping partners, ..


Delivery to B2B and B2C customers, Returns Management, Customer Service, ...

Our expertise? e-Commerce and Logistics. 

While you focus on sales, we take care of storage, packaging, and shipping. Together, we form an unbeatable alliance.

Our passion is e-Commerce and logistics. We specialize in the storage and efficient shipping of products, constantly striving for process optimization. We provide access to excellent logistic services and infrastructure designed according to Swiss quality standards. Our solutions are not only top-notch but also scalable, adapting to your company's growth.

Below, you will find information about our services. For specific inquiries or further information, our team is at your disposal.

Prompt deliveries that your customers appreciate

Orders received by 3:00 PM are delivered throughout Switzerland the next day. In the shipping process, we prioritize the highest quality and trust in the Swiss Post.


Minimization of returns

With a pick accuracy of 99%, we significantly reduce returns due to faulty deliveries. Our extremely low error rate automatically minimizes the return rate, saving you time and costs while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Accelerated growth through adaptive warehouse strategies

Experience increased growth through lower shipping costs and prompt deliveries, supported by our optimized fulfillment system. You focus on sales while we master logistics.

Risk reduction through state-of-the-art infrastructure

Benefit from our contemporary logistics infrastructure, handling over 2,000 packages daily, providing thousands of storage spaces, and supported by an efficient, dedicated team – Swiss Made and owner-operated.

Highest performance in peak times

During peak periods, the influx of new customers is the greatest. Rely on convincing reliability through our dynamic processes, adaptive infrastructure, and comprehensive logistics expertise

Protection against overselling

The integration of your Shopify or WooCommerce shop into our system effectively protects against overselling. Upon order receipt, we reserve items immediately and update the available inventory every 5 minutes, virtually eliminating overselling. Integration of additional systems via Integration Software, API and FTP interfaces is possible.


Small Parts Warehouse, Shelf Storage, Pallet Storage

Video Surveillance, Sprinkler System, Access Control

B2B & B2C Shipping

Shipping with the Swiss Post

Freight Shipping

Rapid Market Entry in Switzerland

Listing with Wholesalers and Specialty Retailers

Listing on the most relevant CH marketplaces

Listing on social media channels

Listing on industry online shops

Cross-Industry Sales

Customer Service, International Customer Service

Information Inquiry

Product/Sales Consultation

Complaint Processing

Own Packaging on Request




Returns Reception, Assessment, Refurbishment, Repackaging

Expand Your Reach through the AlpsDiscovery Multi Channel Distribution Network

As a Swiss specialist in Multi-Channel Distribution, we have built a broad trade and partnership with distribution network over the past 11 years. As a young and agile entrepreneur, we cover various disciplines of online and offline commerce.

Our focus is on new and innovative brands that aim to increase their market share in Switzerland and/or explore new industries and channels.

In addition to well-known wholesalers, marketplaces, online shops, and retailers, we supply hundreds of smaller merchants, companies, and public institutions (companies, hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, zoos, amusement parks, etc.) across different sectors. Through our Dropshipping service, we also enable theme shop operators and influencers to showcase their products on social media and niche platforms.

Interested in collaborating with us?

Send us information about your brands and products. We look forward to hearing from you and will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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