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e-Commerce Hub for

Dropshipping Pros, Influencers, TikTok Stars, Facebook Veterans, Agencies, Webmasters, and Marketplaces

Installation of the products

You manually integrate the products into your shop system


Once you receive a customer order, you place an order with us in the B2B shop, using the customer's address as the delivery address


We assemble, package, and ship the order on your behalf directly to the customer

E-commerce platforms


This method is very time-consuming and is suitable only for shops that list very few products.


Access to over 10000 branded products

Neutral direct shipping to your customers

Fast shipping from Switzerland warehouse

Support from e-commerce experts

CSV-Files for datenimport in Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento etc.

Access to high-resolution images & videos for social media ads and campaigns

Early Bird Access to online trend items

Early Bird Trend Newsletter

API and EDI Integration (optional)

Special discount on dealer prices, depending on the dropshipping model

Dropshipping as a Source of Income
Start your own business without having to worry about sourcing, purchasing, storing, or shipping the products. We handle all of that for you! You only focus on selling and serving your customers.

We are passionate about dropshipping

With many years of dropshipping experience, together with our multiple partners, we have optimized our shipping processes to send several thousand packages daily. This means you benefit from fast shipping and a huge selection of products from which your customers can fill their shopping carts. The larger the shopping cart, the higher your profit !

Who can dropship?

Since you don't have to buy or store goods before selling with dropshipping, it is suitable for anyone who wants to sell products from our assortment using an online or offline business model.

Questions and Answers

Before registering as a dropshipping partner with us, we ask you to read our Dropshipping FAQ


  • This means that we deliver the items you order from us directly to your customers. Therefore, you never physically have the products in stock, as we handle the entire logistics process for you.

  • You can start selling thousands of products immediately and build your own online business. We have the products, and you have the customers. We handle sourcing, purchasing, storage, and shipping. This allows you to focus on marketing and sales. Optionally, we can also manage the handling of any returns for you.

  • Your customer remains your customer. For shipping the items, you provide us with the customer's delivery address through our shop. We send the goods you ordered to the customer with a neutral delivery note, where you are listed as the sender.

  • You take care of that. Modern online shop systems usually handle this automatically via email. Whether you sell our products through an online store, in a physical shop, or on a platform (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Ricardo, Anibis, etc.), it doesn't matter to us. You can also send the invoice to your customers by mail; we leave that to your discretion.

  • Since you act as the seller to the customer, you determine how the payment processing is handled. In online shops, this is usually done through credit card or invoice.

  • All customer inquiries go through you because it's your business. Be aware that an online business also involves work, and we exclusively handle the dropshipping aspect for you.

  • Returns are generally the responsibility of the seller, which is you. However, since many of our dropshipping partners operate their businesses from somewhere on an island, it is not feasible for them to accept and efficiently process returns. If you prefer not to deal with returns, you can opt for our optional returns service.

  • The shopping system is irrelevant to us as a dropshipping provider. We leave it up to you to choose which system to use for selling our products. Many use Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento.

    We also have numerous partners who exclusively sell through newsletters, social media, or platforms like Amazon, e-Bay, Ricardo, etc.

  • We provide you with several CSV files that you can import directly or via interface, depending on your shopping system.

    Alternatively, you can manually enter the products into your shop. While this is time-consuming, it works with any shopping system.

    We recommend automating the import, especially for inventory and price synchronization. Selling temporarily out-of-stock products without updating can lead to cancellations.

  • This entirely depends on the dropshipping model you choose.

  • We display the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or RRP - Retailer Recommended Price) in the shop. The price at which you resell the products is entirely up to you.

  • Everything depends on you!

    If you feel that you can simply add a few products to your shop, and customers will come and place orders as if there's no tomorrow, it's better to reconsider. Like in any business, the same holds true for dropshipping: no pain, no gain. You should be smart and find your unique way to connect with your customers, and there are countless possibilities for that.

    We have dropshipping partners who annually order several hundred thousand Swiss Francs worth of products from us and others who struggle to reach the 100 Francs mark.

    The secret of success is to start and stay committed because success has three letters: DO!

    Being successful requires two things: clear goals and the burning desire to achieve them.

  • Anyone looking for a simple and straightforward solution for accounting should take a look at ODOO. This solution is very well-suited for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMB's).

The customer orders in your online shop.

You order directly or automatically through an interface from Alps Discovery at the wholesale price.

AlpsDiscovery ensures that your order is verified, equipped, packaged, and delivered directly to the customer on your behalf.

Your customer will receive the ordered products within 1-3 working days.

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