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AlpsDiscovery choose Elka - Embracing the Elegance of ELKA Watches: A Dive into Automatic Precision

AlpsDiscovery, a Swiss wholesaler known for its commitment to quality and innovation, is proud to present ELKA Watches as the premier brand for our newly launched Watches & Jewelry Collection.

Since July 2022, ELKA watches have redefined luxury timepieces, setting new standards for both aesthetic appeal and mechanical sophistication. AlpsDiscovery chose ELKA based on its adherence to Swiss quality and the perseverance demonstrated by the brand's ownership, values that align closely with our own.

Crafted by the esteemed La Joux Perret, ELKA watches boast a remarkable 68-hour power reserve—a significant leap from the standard 40-hour reserve found in many automatic watches. This advancement means that ELKA watches maintain their precision effortlessly, remaining active for up to three days without attention. Beyond this period, a simple manual winding—about 20 clockwise turns of the crown—is all it takes to rejuvenate them.

Unlike traditional mechanical watches that require daily maintenance, ELKA timepieces feature an automatic winding process powered by an ingenious oscillating weight. This component is crucial as it operates seamlessly with the natural motion of the wearer’s arm, generating energy that winds the mainspring and provides continuous power. This design exempts ELKA watches from the need for batteries, offering an eco-friendly solution driven by the wearer's own movements.

At the core of an ELKA watch's precision is the La Joux Perret G100 movement. Fine-tuned to a maximum deviation of 30 seconds per day, verified across three positions, this movement ensures an isochronism of +/- 20 seconds per day. Isochronism guarantees that the watch maintains uniform accuracy, regardless of the mainspring's tension.

Your movement breathes life into your watch. The automatic mechanism, featuring an oscillating weight or "rotor", thrives on your daily activities. Mounted on ball bearings, the rotor spins with each motion, generating the necessary energy to power the watch, akin to a dynamo. Regular wear is crucial to keep this self-winding system effective. For those with a more sedentary lifestyle, occasional manual winding is recommended to compensate for less movement-generated energy. However, it’s advisable to avoid wearing these watches during vigorous sports like golf, tennis, squash, or basketball, as such activities could disrupt the winding mechanism.

In essence, ELKA watches not only symbolize luxury and precision but also embody a harmonious blend of technology and sustainability. By converting the wearer’s kinetic energy into a renewable power source, they offer a timeless elegance that’s both accurate and environmentally conscious. Whether adorned daily or on special occasions, ELKA watches serve as a testament to the ingenuity of automatic movement, ensuring that your timepiece remains a reliable companion through the passage of time.

As AlpsDiscovery embarks on this new venture with ELKA Watches, we are thrilled to offer our customers not just a product, but a piece of craftsmanship that echoes our values of durability, excellence, and respect for the environment. Join us in celebrating this remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation, where every tick marks a moment of luxury crafted with care.


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