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AlpsDiscovery - 4 People Who Care

Welcome to Embracing Sustainability with 4 People Who Care

In the heart of our relentless pursuit of outdoor adventures and the essence of exploration lies a profound respect for nature. It's this very respect that led us to cross paths with an extraordinary brand, 4 People Who Care, a beacon of sustainability, passion, and innovation in the realm of natural cosmetics. Today, we're diving deep into their journey, ethos, and groundbreaking products that are not just kind to your skin but to our planet as well.

From Passion to Purpose: Benno's Leap of Faith

Imagine the life of Benno, a seasoned climbing instructor, route builder, and sports masseur, whose days are defined by the rugged beauty of the Alps and the sheer force exerted on his hands. In a profession where hands are not just tools but lifelines, the quest for a sustainable solution to care for these critical assets became personal. Disillusioned by the lack of eco-friendly options, Benno took matters into his own hands, crafting the first solid, sustainable hand cream, Daumenschmaus, marking the inception of 4 People Who Care.

A Brotherhood of Sustainability: The Founding Team

Benno's vision soon resonated with three like-minded souls: his brother Fritz, and their friends, Lennart & Marc. United by a shared commitment to sustainability and wellness, they embarked on a daring venture, leaving their conventional careers to forge a new path in natural cosmetics. Together, they've expanded their vision, creating a line of products that stand as a testament to their values.

Why Solid Creams?

A Stand Against the Throwaway Culture

In our fast-paced world, where convenience often trumps conservation, 4 People Who Care reminds us of the beauty in mindfulness. Solid creams, their flagship innovation, offer a powerful statement against wastefulness. With no need for plastic packaging, these products significantly reduce our environmental footprint, making every application a small victory for our planet.

The Adventurer's Companion

Designed with the adventurer in mind, these solid creams are the perfect companions for those who live out of their backpacks. Light, compact, and mess-free, they ensure that caring for your skin doesn't have to come at the expense of your spontaneity or environmental values.

Potent, Economical, and Water-wise

Beyond their environmental benefits, these creams boast a concentrated formula that delivers intense hydration and nourishment with just a small application. By eliminating water from their products, 4 People Who Care not only enhances efficacy but also champions a less is more philosophy, saving your skin, your wallet, and the planet in one fell swoop.

Daumenschmaus & Zehenschmaus: The Pioneers

At the heart of their lineup are Daumenschmaus, the hand cream that started it all, and Zehenschmaus, its equally commendable foot cream counterpart. Praised by customers for their effectiveness against dryness and eczema, these products have set a high bar for what natural cosmetics can achieve.

Expanding the Arsenal

Responding to the call of their community, the range has grown to include face oils, lip care, and sunscreens. Each product carries the brand's signature commitment to sustainability, boasting biodegradable ingredients and refillable containers.

Beyond Cosmetics - A Movement

Values that Shape a Brand

4 People Who Care isn't just about products; it's about embodying values that extend far beyond cosmetics. Championing equality, transparency, and activism, the brand stands as a loud, proud advocate for social and environmental causes, inviting not just their employees but their community to join in their activism.

Biodiversity as a Cornerstone

Understanding the critical role of biodiversity, the team has embarked on initiatives to plant flowering meadows across Germany and Austria. These efforts are not just about beautifying landscapes but providing vital ecosystems for insects and promoting carbon sequestration.

Meet the Makers

A Team Driven by Passion

From Benno, the visionary, to Nini, who juggles project management with culinary skills, and Marc, the creative force in product development, each member brings a unique energy to the table. Their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for sustainability and wellness have shaped a company culture that's as rich and vibrant as the ecosystems they strive to protect.

A Community of Care

Acknowledging the invaluable support from their circle of friends, family, and early supporters, 4 People Who Care extends a heartfelt thanks. It's this collective spirit that has fueled their journey, transforming a simple idea into a movement that inspires change.


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