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Frank's Liqueur - AlpsDiscovery

We are delighted to reveal that AlpsDiscovery has become the distributor for Frank's Liqueur, a treasure of Swiss craftsmanship, emanating from the scenic locale of Thun.

Frank's Liqueur is distinguished by its commitment to authenticity, using only the finest locally sourced, natural ingredients to create its unparalleled spirits.

Each bottle tells a story of tradition fused with innovation, inviting connoisseurs to a rich palette of flavors.

Delve into the exclusive range of Frank's Liqueur at, and join us in celebrating the pinnacle of Swiss distillery art.

Our boutique showroom, nestled at Rte des Ecluses 8, 1997 Haute-Nendaz, welcomes you on weekends to explore this exquisite collection.

For inquiries :

contact us at +41 41 539 14 14


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