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MERGIMVS Liqueur du Vully - AlpsDiscovery

We're thrilled to announce our exclusive curation of MERGIMVS Liqueur du Vully at, a line that encapsulates the soul of Swiss viticulture and the age-old art of liqueur refinement.

Nestled in the scenic embrace of Vully, within the revered canton of Fribourg, MERGIMVS embodies the enduring legacy of the region's winemaking and liqueur craft. The historic aura of Murten (Menton), famed for its enchanting allure and vinous prowess, breathes life into each bottle—a toast to artisanal passion and the bountiful local terroir.

Revel in the rich tapestry of Fribourg's viticultural artistry with our MERGIMVS Collection. Each sip is a passage through the verdant vineyards and orchards, a celebration of a craft honed to perfection.

Experience the genuineness of Swiss excellence where ancestral tradition and contemporary craft converge, creating a truly sublime affair.

Explore this exclusive offering and more at our Boutique-Showroom at Rte des Ecluses 8, 1997 Haute-Nendaz, welcoming visitors every weekend.

For personalized assistance, reach out to us at +41 41 539 14 14 or email


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